Why an IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL MBA DEGREE remains Unbeatable? …

Why an IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL MBA DEGREE remains Unbeatable? …

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Part of IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL’s success in producing a top number of C-suite executives comes down to what students learn during an MBA program. When you think about success in reaching the C-suite, one of the hallmarks of IPS has been our attention to building business leaders more than being ‘siloed’ experts in one field or another.

IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL’s core curriculum is designed around the cross-functional way contemporary organizations work. Throughout the curriculum, students approach problems by looking at the broadest possible circle of skills and resources to create innovative solutions which are implemented in real-time corporate scenarios, as a part of internship projects across two years of MBA.

At IPS, we foster a team mindset—‘that you can’t do it all on your own’—IPSians, therefore, imbibe strong analytical skills and are adept at decision-making, along with a ‘healthy’ dose of empathy. It means thinking about your batch mates/colleagues and being able to get them to follow you. This key attribute of IPSians which is a combination of emotional intelligence and analytical skills –stated as ‘people skills’ in common parlances, is referred to as ‘empathy’ by us.

And the fact that an IPS MBA graduate is such a sought-after business professional by established companies proves that IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL is equipping its students with a well-rounded set of skills to become real-time global leaders.


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