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Which is better, MBA v/s PGDM?

Many of us are still not aware about the thin line differentiating MBA and PGDM. Although both are courses of Business Management but there is minute line that separates the intrinsic nature of the two, especially since both are career oriented.

The degree MBA is provided by “University” or “Colleges” that are affiliated to University while PGDM is offered by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) approved institutions. Another major difference is, in most cases, the MBA course curriculum is designed by the university itself. Therefore, the core syllabus (and sometimes even elective subjects) will be pretty much same in two colleges under same university and changes it after few years. However, PGDM courses are determined by the institute itself which provides it flexibility to some extent and undergoes a change according to the industrial requirement every year. But it has to be noted that one year PGDM course is not equivalent to MBA.

The dilemma that roots in the minds of the aspirants is whether to go for an MBA or a PGDM course to be able to become part of a promising management career. It all depends on one’s own requirements and suitability.

Both MBA and PGDM are very popular courses opted by large number of students. It’s up to their own perspective which course they want to choose and which one suits them best. One should determine which course can provide them a sustainable career and make them industry ready.

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