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Toastmasters International Club

Human brain starts working since the day of birth and works until you stand to speak in public. This happens mainly because of hesitation and public fear. Ages ago a club was formed in the name of Toastmasters International Club which worked on speaking skills & leadership qualities. People get confused because of the chosen name  of this club as it symbolizes of some toast formation or making toast for a friend or an acquaintance. In-spite has a complete different meaning, as it was formed in 1930s which makes it sound deliberately old fashioned.

Toastmasters has been a part of IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL- JAIPUR, Rajasthan. Toastmasters club and IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL is going to have their 108th meeting in the upcoming days to work on general ethics of the team. It’s very necessary for each and everyone to work on  their managerial skills. Being in a world of business, the ability to deal with the consumer is the priority of the managers. Preliminary on the spot random topic is proposed in front of the speaker to have a well to do summary.  This removes the hesitation and helps in acquiring the monopoly of the stage.

Toastmasters gives a legitimate approach to the constructive members of the club while building relationships and promotion. They have been working persuasively  in regular reinforcement of learning. This has been adding skills in their resume. Being a toastmaster with the passionate zeal becomes an adventure once an appropriate  attitude is attained.

Toastmaster is a member friendly club and never exceeds the time management as we have observed that meetings take more time than mentioned usually, it never happens here. A proper timing is followed for every meeting of toastmasters club. It has an inexpensive training and professional development program.

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