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IPS COLLEGE, Jaipur conducts National Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights in India

IPS COLLEGE, Jaipur conducts National Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights in India

IPS COLLEGE, Jaipur organized a One-day National Seminar on “Intellectual Property Rights – Patent, Copyright and Trademark” on 25th November 2020. The Seminar proved to be an insightful forum for discussion of IP developments and their application in India. The Seminar comprised talks by eminent IP personalities such as Advocate G.D. Bansal, an Intellectual Property specialist with more than 22 years of experience and founder of G.D. Bansal & Associates an elite law firm of Jaipur, and Dr. Rajesh Methi, Founder of Indic School of Jurisprudence & Indic Pathshala, who is also a Corporate Trainer, and an expert in Intellectual Property Law, Trademark Law, and Business Law. Additionally, a few students made presentations towards introducing the themes for the main sessions.

Commencing the Seminar, Advocate G.D. Bansal discussed his perspective and stand on the topic ‘Trademark Laws and its Changing Dimensions in India’ through facts, judicial procedure, and judgments, humour, opinions, and experience on the subject. He explained the concept of Intellectual Property as a generic notion and through his explanation encouraged out-of-box thinking and approach to Intellectual Property Law. He encouraged rethinking trademark and copyright laws concepts and emphasized their background and importance.

Thereafter, Dr. Rajesh Methi took the podium to present his compilation on ‘Break in India: Piercing the Patent Paradigm’. At the outset, he thanked Honorable Director Mrs. Deepti Agarwal and Honorable Convener Mr. Sudhir Agarwal, and the IPS COLLEGE for extending to him the chance of being a part of the seminar and presenting his views. His presentation focused on a new narrative of the Intellectual Property regime by challenging the current concepts and practices in Intellectual Property Law. In a parlance where gimmicks, anecdotes, contemporary illustrations, and challenging views were in abundance; he tried to impress upon the role of the legislature, judiciary, and the government in regulating the Intellectual Property policy and concluded by calling for a shift from a regime of ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ to a regime of ‘Regulations of Distinctive Information’.

The students' presentations witnessed active participation from the First Year BBA and MBA batches of IPS COLLEGE and experienced the inclusion of a diversity of topics like, ‘Fair Dealing in India: Scope and Analysis’, ‘Parallel Imports and Trademark Infringement: an Indian Outlook’, ‘Access to Knowledge: The thin line between to copy or not to copy and ‘Patent Law and Competition Law: A Complementary yet Tense Relationship’.

The experts appreciated the thought-provoking presentations delivered by the students, and the eminent guests also added their comments in support of the topics presented.

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