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MBA in HRM (Human Resource Management)

MBA in HRM (Human Resource Management)


Masters of Business Administration in Human Resource is a 2 yrs course applicable after graduation. Human Resource is a wide process of Planning, Recruiting, Hiring, Training, Induction, Orientation, Evaluation, Promotion, Employee Remunerations and Performance management. All these are individually taught theoretically as well as practically while pursuing MBA from IPS Business School – Jaipur. HR is basically a position which can be well handled through experience and requires practical knowledge.

IPS Business school is the best MBA College in Rajasthan and holds a reputed rank in all over India. IPS differentiates itself from rest of the colleges in many ways as the academics follows the timing of 0800 hours to 1100 hours and thereof comes ON JOB TRAINING. Earn while learn is the main content of OJT. Students get proper base for their final placements. IPS has a long list of placements made in past couple of years in HR sector (fore more information login to

Management is an art and it demands discipline, IPS being a management institute needs the same attitude towards education and work, in return it provides the best facilities as required for a student. This institute grooms an individual through complete knowledge of stock market and SAP without charging a penny.

IPS has been ranked as the 18th best MBA College in INDIA.

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