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Management as Profession

Management as Profession

Management in simple words has a procedure which implements at every stage of the life whether personal or formal. It lets a company, organization or firm work in a hierarchical state with N numbers of employees. Prior it has planning followed by directing, then comes implementing and last but not the least controlling. Management is undertaken as a profession and has various educational programmes for itself such as BBA and MBA. It has a wide scope in micro as well as macro economy of a nation. To encourage managerial sector a number of institutions came into existence, lets emphasis on the best one.

IPS (Institute of Professional studies) BUSINESS SCHOOL –  JAIPUR is a prodigious management college dealt in BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)  & MBA (Masters of Business Administration). This is one of the best management college in all over the world. This is a institute of protocols and benchmarks. This institute made a change in the thought process of the society by introducing OJT (On Job Training). OJT is a ongoing process which continuous throughout the academic session of a course. For instance a BBA student continues it for 3 years, similarly a MBA student does it for 2 years before final placement.

This idea came into existence in the year 2007 with the birth of IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL. It was felt that students need practical knowledge along with theory. Same as the beginning IPS is preceding with new ideas every year to attain the number first position in all over the world. The training syndicate are spread inside and outside  the nation as well. Students willing to study abroad are guided to the foreign colleges with an exchange programme. For instance, recently students are studying in this college from China, Switzerland, etc to reinvent their working power.

IPS has tie ups with the best colleges such as IIMs and Companies. It also has immense number of memberships with international clubs which adds on to the personality growth. IPS is a hub for toastmasters international club which is passionately working on speaking skills of its members. It makes student learn different languages in campus as well as digitally. Basically IPS deals in every prospects of business which could benefit the career of students.

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