IPS Talent Hunt

Creativity and talent is inside everyone, the difference arises due to confidence. The one who reveals it passionately is appreciated and the hesitant remain in the category of audience. For instance our P.M. Mr. Narendra Modi, despite of being criticized he never took his step back. His words let Goosebumps with a lifetime impact on listeners life.

If we look forward towards today’s youth talent, an enormous number of candidates emerge in college days. To motivate this gesture colleges propose programmed such as talent hunt. One of the Best Colleges of India – IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL – JAIPUR is going to organise talent hunt where students will showcase their hidden talent in a huge platform. This is an opportunity to all over the students world wide.

The concerned students from inside and outside campus take initiative to participate, henceforth reveal the extra ordinary act in front of the jury as well as the viewers. The aspirants are honored with a certificate of appreciation and the winner is awarded with a prize along with gifts. Every aspect of the event is duly taken care of via refreshments. As soon as the energy is restored, a crazy DJ party is announced which pumps up the student like everything. The energy level inside the campus is felt with the arrival of the DJ. It is very obvious to conclude what is going to happen next, YES! You all guessed it absolutely concise ” Dance party.”  Full of amusements and astonishment. After a tank full of enjoyment the party gets to an end.

Again a new day with a new event is waiting for everybody.

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