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IPS Orientation Days

IPS Orientation Days

Every year a new batch arrives with dedication, enthusiasm and a goal to become successful. Similarly the days of 2017 batch has begun. Students have gathered with hope and excitement to earn while learn. This is the story of IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL – JAIPUR, The best MBA college in Jaipur.

INDIA is a country of heritage and legacy the Gods & Goddesses are honored before accomplishing any task, in the same way it is followed in every corner of the country as well as in Institutions. IPS encourages it passionately. The Deep Prajwalan is the most peaceful activity at the starting of the year where blessings count on the development of students. The next step towards positive vibes is the plantation day, just next to introduction.

In IPS excitement and surprises has no end point, Jaipur visit along with a plenty of new pals give the students thrill and a chance to interact with each other precisely.

This is the trailer of the orientation story, still a lot to experience.
Orientation session of delegates, entrepreneurs, professionals from all across World is arranged. These are the personalities who guide the students towards their goal. Their words are generous, pleasant, powerful and helpful while adjusting in the new environment. Media covers the students charm in the parties thrown for the freshers. A million mile games entertain the young blood adequately.

Last but not the least the academics syllabus are briefly explained and later on the college hours with OJT has a never ending deal till 2 years of journey.

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