However, deciding between MBA and PGDM, what is most important is to understand your individual goals. If you are interested in corporate job and career, you should choose a business school based on their Position, Prospectus and Placements. Corporates don’t treat MBA or PGDM’s differently. They only want candidates that can perform well on the job. Only the affiliated colleges were offering MBA programs. Here we discuss about the difference between MBA and PGDM.

As we all know masters in business administration or MBA is a degree course offered by the Universities (Both Government and Private) and colleges affiliated to these Universities. Whereas PGDM offered by business schools that are recognised by Government of India.


Reasons to join IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL:

  • Organisation: The campus of the college is adequate, it is enough for the course and activities, all the elementary facility are available such as library, Wi-Fi, sports and games. The atmosphere of the college is healthy for the students.
  • Faculty: The teachers of the college are very decent as they help in every part of life from studies to placement in MNC’s. Teachers teach with countless efforts and with projectors presentation classes for better understanding.
  • Placements: The placement of the college is great. As students get the job as per their capabilities. Many large companies visit and provide placements to the deserving candidates.


Why MBA is better than PGDM?

  • Only Universities can offer MBA: In India, only those management institutes which are affiliated to a University can offer a MBA degree. For this reason institutes like IPS Business School can offer MBA degree as they are affiliated by Rajasthan Technical University, but it also offers PGDM Programme for the students who are interested in doing this.
  • Difference in emphasis of prospectus: Although there are enormous resemblances in the prospectus of both MBA and PGDM, there are better points of difference. Though MBA focuses more on theoretical aspects of management and is more exam-oriented. PGDM has a more focus on constructinglenient skills and is business oriented. It fixes you for the career market.
  • Syllabus of PGDM is flexible: Since an independent institute does not have to trail University values, it is unrestricted to change its curriculum according to manufacturingprinciples and change in business atmosphere.
  • MBA’s are more economical: In relation to PGDM, usually MBA’s are affordable as the fee is nearlyalike to University Standard.
  • Difference in emphasis: An MBA will help in developing practicalabilities and business knowledge whereas a PGDM will prepare graduates for high level positions in industry and covers the way for a strong commercial career. Hence, if you’re looking for a career in the stimulating area of management, you should drive for PGDM.



Hence, it’s your choice to opt any of the two courses (MBA and PGDM). Both the courses are of their own significance. The only thing is to choose the right school for making better prospects in your life.

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