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IPS Industrial Visits

Business mainly has three sectors: Industry, Commerce & Trade. The depth of these major contents is more like a Bermuda triangle, which has no end point. Its necessary for a business candidate to gain adequate knowledge of each stream, then only the business would generate goodwill. Let us all now know about industries. As we all know goods are majorly in the form of raw materials at the initial stage, prior to this it becomes semi finished and finally finished goods.

In a Management College each of these things are theoretically made understood. If we talk about the Best Colleges of India, for instance IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL – JAIPUR, the necessity of practical field knowledge is given to the students.

IPS conducts industrial visits in the companies like Bosch, Saras, Textile Industries, Akshay Patra Association, Airtel, Reliance, Vodafone etc every now and then to provide the basic knowledge of the firm as well as work environment. Students coordinate with the managers, they enjoy the opportunity to be eligible enough to work in the upcoming future. These are the moments when they build personal relationship with the companies and understand the texture of business start up.

IPS trains its student with a benchmark to deal with every situation positively. Knowledge and practice always shows its result.

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