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Instagram Reels: What’s The True Impact They Can Have for Small Businesses?

Instagram Reels: What’s The True Impact They Can Have for Small Businesses?

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Nowadays it’s impossible to scroll through your Instagram feed without coming across at least one — if not several — attention-grabbing videos known as Reels. Dubbed the TikTok Clone, Instagram Reels were released in 2020 and consist of short videos up to one minute long. The feature has overtaken the app’s photos-first philosophy as 91 percent of active Instagram users say they engage with video content on a weekly basis. And can you blame them? It’s easy to quickly get immersed in a seemingly endless loop of engaging content.

Along with being wildly popular, Reels are also proving to be a good business strategy for content creators and businesses alike. A recent New York Times article detailed how Instagram’s latest algorithm favors accounts that post reels. So, if small scale businesses are considering making the switch to video content, now’s definitely the right time!

Let’s see some of the benefits of using Reels for brands.

User-Generated Content: Reels provide you a degree of personalization which other formats don’t. You can not only add filters on your videos but also use visual effects and music. Music adds value to your videos and makes it more eye-catching. One of the many benefits of this feature is user-generated content. It is an essential part in community building. People can use your original audio and make their own versions of Reels. It is very easy to reproduce. Brands can promote the user-generated content in their own Reels. It builds brand loyalty like nothing else. This way you also stay on the top of the audio based search.

Higher Engagement: The 15 second content format undoubtedly gets more engagement than other video formats. It is easy to consume and gets right to the point. People do not want to waste time. They consume and move on. Because of this, if the content is platform appropriate and engaging, you will have a high level of engagement on your Reels. Your Reels can go viral even if your account has zero followers.

Higher Attention Grab: The presentation of Reels makes it far better than any other platform. It is one of the most valuable features of Reels. In Reels, the content occupies the whole screen of the phone. It means there aren’t any other distractions. When people are watching your Reel, they are only watching your Reel. They aren’t distracted by other content. This feature distinguishes Reels from other formats. It helps get users engaged and you won’t lose their attention for even a second.

Extended Reach: Reels aren’t exclusive to the people who follow your page. Being a new feature, Instagram is pushing it at the top of explore section. It doesn’t matter if users haven’t followed your page yet. They will see your content and if you manage to pique their interest, they will follow you.

The benefits are way too intriguing for you to ignore Reels. Let’s take the example of - a clothing brand. They are making funny videos with pop culture references which are engaging and shareable. Sterling Accuris Diagnostics, a pathology laboratory chain, posts branded content/film to promote their packages. Their Reels, begin with their branded content/film and urge people to watch the whole film on IGTV, thus, redirecting viewers to other features and content which increase engagement. Fox Star Hindi - a film production house posts funny and interesting scenes from their upcoming movies. People get excited by such clips and then they can be redirected to the streaming platform or online ticket vendors.

To conclude, we as Management Students need to understand that a brand needs to keep up with the changing paradigm of social media to stay relevant and fresh. It is Reels today. It can be something else tomorrow.

That’s what an IPS MBA is all about – keeping you abreast with the latest Business Trends!

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