Corporate Session – Mr. Yajuvendra Singh : SBI Life Insurance (Associate VP – HR) - - IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL

Corporate Session – Mr. Yajuvendra Singh : SBI Life Insurance (Associate VP – HR)

Corporate Session – Mr. Yajuvendra Singh : SBI Life Insurance (Associate VP – HR)

Define your Objective and work towards achieving it – Yajuvendra Singh Shekhawat – Associate Vice President (Human Resource Development), SBI Life Insurance Company.

3 March 2021: The 2020-2022 MBA Batch of IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL were privileged to be addressed by Mr. Yajuvendra Singh Shekhawat, the Associate Vice President (HRD), SBI Life Insurance Company -  a joint venture life insurance company between State Bank of India, the largest state-owned banking and financial services company in India, and BNP Paribas Cardiff. a French multinational bank and financial services company.

Mr. Shekhawat during his visit to IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL on 2 March 2021, as a part of the Corporate Connect Program, a regular feature of IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL, advised the students to utilize their MBA tenure in establishing an objective in accordance to their interest and expertise so that they can consciously choose a specialization in accordance to their intrinsic capability, thereby guaranteeing professional excellence.

His address was filled with practical tips and pointers elucidating the various opportunities and entry-level positions in the Life Insurance industry along-with detailed elaboration of the functions, job-roles and domains prevalent in the industry. He also carefully detailed the skills and knowledge that an aspiring Management Professional should emphasize upon to become a high-flier in the Life Insurance Sector.

Mr. Shekhawat stressed on the importance of soft skills and implied that the budding management professionals should work on their communication, negotiation, problem-solving and lateral thinking skills. While evaluating a client’s claim or calculating the cost for a policy, insurance professionals need to be able to exercise comprehensive analytical skills too.

Enlightening the students on customer service, client relationship skills and good numerate abilities, he specified that the insurance sector is always looking for bright MBA graduates, with a logical, methodical approach and the potential to understand the vital elements of risk.

Mr. Shekhawat concluded by ascertaining that a good understanding of the insurance sector is an advantage for any MBA graduate looking forward to carve his future in this sector – as this demonstrates a commitment to working in the industry, as well as a wider commercial awareness.

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