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Career choices after XII – in a post-pandemic world

Career choices after XII – in a post-pandemic world

The global pandemic has created an upheaval in many business bringing some industries like travel, tourism and events to their knees, while creating extraordinary growth in healthcare, health research, e-commerce, and virtual communications industries.

The secondary and post-secondary education landscape has been impacted immensely too, with high schools and universities having to continuously adapt to unpredictable changes brought on by the pandemic.

Change is the only constant, bringing with it great potential for growth, and not all changes have been unfavourable. Virtual learning environments, which were the exception rather than the norm pre-pandemic, have thrived and created learning opportunities that transcend physical boundaries, creating access to learning resources for students all over the world. One cannot deny that the pandemic has offered a great window for self-directed study and has demonstrated the power of technology and marketing.

In this time of uncertainty for students, we would like to share our suggestions on what is needed for making a winning decision in respect to your career.

Focus on a career which emphasizes on Skills for the New Normal

Learning in the pandemic world lies outside the classroom. A supremely critical skill brought to the fore by the pandemic is the ability to learn and unlearn new things and apply them in rapidly changing contexts. 'The Future of Jobs Survey (2020)' report published by the World Economic Forum lists analytical thinking and innovation, active learning strategies, complex problem solving, critical thinking and analysis, leadership and social influence, creativity and originality, emotional intelligence, resilience, reasoning and ideation, and service orientation among the top skills employers will be looking for by 2025

Ensure that your Career choice embraces evolving Technical Skills

Going forward, some industries may shape differently from others and the technical skills needed for careers will evolve rapidly. In the face of this reality, students need to start thinking about how their interests align with career paths that will be most valuable and fields that will be most valuable and fields that will see the most growth.

Medicine and engineering are no longer the only viable choices. More than ever before, the jobs of tomorrow showcase the continuing importance of human interaction in the new economy through roles in marketing, sales, content production, and other positions that require communication skills. It is now all the more imperative for students to focus on d digital learning, soft skills, and techno-management education, to emerge as job-ready in the post-pandemic world.

So in the paradox called ‘The Right Career choice after XII’ – think about BBA – and think seriously!

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