“A DREAM written down with a date and fuelled by Emotion-based Action becomes a GOAL.” – Bhawna Sugandha - - IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL

“A DREAM written down with a date and fuelled by Emotion-based Action becomes a GOAL.” – Bhawna Sugandha

“A DREAM written down with a date and fuelled by Emotion-based Action becomes a GOAL.” – Bhawna Sugandha

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“A DREAM written down with a date and fuelled by Emotion-based Action becomes a GOAL.” - Bhawna Sugandha

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Business Consultant, Mind Coach and Corporate Trainer Bhawna Sugandha visited IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL on 10 March 2021 to facilitate a Goal Setting Session for the MBA Batch of 2020-22, and her thought provoking session filled with practical pointers, experiential exercises, simple processes and real-time examples conveyed the pivotal message that if the budding management professionals wanted to reach the pinnacle of success, they need to lay down a goal fuelled by ‘emotional’ action, as just planning for an action can easily fall prey to the laxities of procrastination.

Bhawna elaborated that, writing down your goals and targets helps you view them more explicitly. As you think of what to write, you will be able to see your desires vividly in your mind and even see how life will be when you accomplish your goals. As you recollect your thoughts and put them on paper, you will get more clarity on not only your objectives, but also what you need to do to accomplish them.

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In addition to that, she continued, your innate creativity may come into action and help you come up with other goals that you had not thought of before. Trying to clarify the concept with an example, she said that, when someone desires to lose weight on paper, it might hit him that he needs some exercise gear, gym money or even new cooking and eating habits. These can become additional goals by themselves or milestones towards meeting his weight loss goal. Whatever the case, one’s objectives will be clearer to one who writes them down.

She encouraged the students to dream big, and suggested techniques to track its progress so that they do not lose hope and backtrack. She once again reiterated that, jotting down one’s goal makes it easy to split them into actionable phases and organize them in such a way that one allows enough time to accomplish each phase.

She also had a word of caution for the future leaders as sometimes being human, we make decisions or take actions that steer us from the paths we have set for ourselves. These can be as mundane as eating junk food every other day – if we have decided to lose weight. But if you write down exactly what you want in life and put it in a place where you can see it every day, you will find it easy to avoid making unwise decisions.

For instance, putting printed sheets of your weight loss program on your fridge, wardrobe or phone wallpaper will ensure that you feel guilty every time you set out to buy some junk food.

Concluding with the 3-Second method, she verified that very few people get to actualize their dreams and ambitions. For the others, it’s not about their luck or fate NOT being on their side, but it's plain lack of gumption, fire, emotion and determination. But with proper planning and detailing the strategies to attain them is one way to avoid disappointment and make yourself a better person.

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The motivated group of IPS students also reciprocated by promising to never stop dreaming big and assuring the facilitator, no matter what they will not disappoint themselves in actualizing their professional and personal dreams.

Bidding adieu to the bubbling gathering of more than 100 future business leaders of the country Bhawna’s signing off line was – “I hope that I have convinced you enough to pick up a pen and paper and put your dreams into words.”

The students roared back in unison – “Yes, Ma’am – It’s Action backed by Emotion!”

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