Top 20 BBA Colleges in India

Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA is an undergraduate 3 years course mainly opted by the students seeking knowledge in the field of management. BBA is a prodigious degree undertaken after high school. Multiple number of colleges are practicing this managerial course enthusiastically with a visual to create leaders. Among them all the top leading prosperous colleges are named under: -

  1. Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indore.
  2. Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, Delhi.
  3. Keshav Mahavidyalay, Delhi.
  4. Deen Dayal Upadhyay College, Delhi.
  5. Gargi College, Delhi.
  6. Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, Delhi.
  7. HR College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai.
  8. Jai Hind College, Mumbai.
  9. Mithibhai College, Mumbai.
  10. KC College, Mumbai.
  11. Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Pune.
  12. Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Noida.
  13. Anil Surendra Modi School of Commerce, Mumbai.
  14. St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.
  15. Maharaja Surajmal Institute.
  16. Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies.
  17. Vivekanand Institute of Professional Studies.
  19. Bhai Parmanand Institute of Business Studies.
  20. Jagannath International Management School- Kalkaji.

The Best BBA Colleges in India which are autonomous in nature include St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and Kolkata and Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indore. Though IIM Indore is not a BBA college which offers a three-year BBA programme, its flagship programme is two years full-time PGP. However, IIM Indore offers 5-year Integrated Programme in Management whose first three years is equivalent to undergraduate management programme and the next two years is equivalent to two-year PGP programme.

The next category of the top management BBA Colleges is through universities. Under above ranked 20 colleges, IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL – JAIPUR is chosen and considered as one of the most unique colleges in INDIA. It comes under Rajasthan University and has the most versatile academia. It is the only college to practice OJT (ON JOB TRAINING). OJT is the small version of campus placements, Students are appreciated in the corporate world with a work experience of 3 years at such small age. OJT gives them a live opportunity to be with delegates being an initial management trainee.

SAP Training by Professionals

SAP Training by Professionals

SAP stands for System Application and Products in data process. SAP is a business oriented application which deals in various sectors of business naming analytics, contents and collaboration, financial management, human capital management, supply chain management, customer relationship management, technology platform, etc. SAP software does a lot of task, making life easier. SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is one of the most used technique.

IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL – JAIPUR provides this training free of cost to the BBA/MBA students. Let’s take an example to understand the efficiency of SAP. 

So, what does SAP do in a company - it facilitates and records all the business processes for a company - let’s take an example of a company making shirt buttons. The business process of this company is to: buy plastic from vendors, mould it into buttons using a machine M1, operated by operator P1, then punch holes using machine M2, operated by operator P2, pack the buttons in boxes using M3, operated by operator P3, and then ship them to customers.

Now, how would one know which vendor supplies you what kind of plastic. SAP manages the relationship so the buyer can pick the correct vendor for the required product.

How does the vendor know, how much is to be supplied? SAP generates a purchase order containing all the details, which is sent to the vendor.

How much to pay the vendor, SAP gives you functionality to process vendor invoice and informs finance department to pay the vendor.

Learn SAP technical software & Business Skills

How does operator know what to do on M1, SAP creates a production order which P1 can see and know?

How does P2 know when to start? SAP lets P1 to confirm the completion of operation on M1 so that P2 can start…. so on.

How does the sender know, how many boxes to be sent to which customer? SAP gives you a sales order which has all the relevant details required by sender.

So, SAP enables a company to carry out its day to day activities. Now, a company like above cannot wait for a customer to ask for button and then start buying the plastic. Instead they would want to keep buttons in stock to quickly fulfil demand before their competitor does.

So, SAP gives planning ability. A company can use historical data to produce a forecast. This forecast can be fed into SAP. Then SAP can automatically generate the purchase orders to buyers with quantities and specifications. Based on lead times of vendors, SAP can create and schedule the production order. Based on production lead times, SAP can schedule the transports / deliveries to customers.

Then a company can use SAP to manage the quality of the procured materials and produced goods and decide accordingly. SAP can track and monitor when the money is due to be paid to vendors and when is due to be taken from customers.

There are many more intricate processes mapped and managed in SAP. It gives you one single platform to carry out all your business activities.

Entrepreneurship to MBA & BBA

Entrepreneurship to Management Students

Business is an enchantment of goods and services undertaken individually, as partners or in a syndicate. In all the above there is a common phenomenon – “a start up idea taken forward with a visual to earn profit.” Business needs a beholder who can take all the risk and profits, chaos and appreciation simultaneously. This has been given the name of Entrepreneurship. This was the simplest briefing of entrepreneurship you will find anywhere. Under this comes N number of process, designing, developing, management and so and so.

In the first paragraph we got the lump sum idea of an entrepreneur, I would like to grab your attention towards one of the Best College of IndiaIPS BUSINESS SCHOOL – JAIPUR. IPS is being promoting its students i.e. BBA / MBA, the new comers to the business world since past few years. IPS supports creators and helps its students in procuring the best in their career. Students come up with a business plan, they work upon it while acquiring their academics within two years(MBA) and BBA goes on for three years.


Further they are provided with funds as per their requirement by the companies, colleges and funding institutions on the ground of durability of the business plan. IPS has been working on the students welfare since 2007, it works on OJT (On Job Training) through which students get the basic knowledge of their business set up. To get exact knowledge of OJT do read the blogs of IPS. These are the reasons why IPS has been considered as the top BBA college in India. An undergraduate of IPS has a complete different level in comparison to the students passed  out from any other college.

Industrial Visit: Jaipur

Industrial Visit: Jaipur

Jaipur being the Capital of Rajasthan and a Tourist Place has mysteries inside it. The forts and palaces has maintained the heirloom of kings and queens since ages. That era had warriors who got buried in sands to rise the empire. India has a legendary history which can fill the heart with patriotism and honor.

IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL – JAIPUR, the Best MBA College of Rajasthan organised a Jaipur visit to make the students aware of their great nation. The first  place which was thoroughly covered was Amer fort, the place ruled by Raja Man Singh. This opulent palace is divided in four parts, each has a courtyard. The fascinating areas of the palace named as “Diwan-e-khaas” which symbolizes private area and Diwan-e-aam meant as public area with a huge blossom garden. IPS has a diversified crowd and consists students from all across the world. This visit made them interact with fellow mates and gave them an opportunity to visualize the amazing site of India.

The visit included an overview of Jal Mahal, a heritage which is situated at the centre of the Man Sagar lake followed by an Industrial Visit to SARAS, SARAS is the number one dairy of Rajasthan initiated with 500LTPD of production and now produces 1LLTPD. Lastly the tourist bus took the route of World Trade Park (WTP), an infrastructure worth Rs.350cr. WTP includes a display system where 24 projectors create a single image on its ceiling, this is the first system of its kind in the whole wide world.

Finally the visit ended where it started at the Campus of IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL. The cheerful though exhausted faces of the students said everything about the trip with a hope to again visit an industry as soon as possible.


Management as Profession

Management as Profession

Management in simple words has a procedure which implements at every stage of the life whether personal or formal. It lets a company, organization or firm work in a hierarchical state with N numbers of employees. Prior it has planning followed by directing, then comes implementing and last but not the least controlling. Management is undertaken as a profession and has various educational programmes for itself such as BBA and MBA. It has a wide scope in micro as well as macro economy of a nation. To encourage managerial sector a number of institutions came into existence, lets emphasis on the best one.  

IPS (Institute of Professional studies) BUSINESS SCHOOL -  JAIPUR is a prodigious management college dealt in BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)  & MBA (Masters of Business Administration). This is one of the best management college in all over the world. This is a institute of protocols and benchmarks. This institute made a change in the thought process of the society by introducing OJT (On Job Training). OJT is a ongoing process which continuous throughout the academic session of a course. For instance a BBA student continues it for 3 years, similarly a MBA student does it for 2 years before final placement.

This idea came into existence in the year 2007 with the birth of IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL. It was felt that students need practical knowledge along with theory. Same as the beginning IPS is preceding with new ideas every year to attain the number first position in all over the world. The training syndicate are spread inside and outside  the nation as well. Students willing to study abroad are guided to the foreign colleges with an exchange programme. For instance, recently students are studying in this college from China, Switzerland, etc to reinvent their working power.  

IPS has tie ups with the best colleges such as IIMs and Companies. It also has immense number of memberships with international clubs which adds on to the personality growth. IPS is a hub for toastmasters international club which is passionately working on speaking skills of its members. It makes student learn different languages in campus as well as digitally. Basically IPS deals in every prospects of business which could benefit the career of students.

Toastmasters International Club

Human brain starts working since the day of birth and works until you stand to speak in public. This happens mainly because of hesitation and public fear. Ages ago a club was formed in the name of Toastmasters International Club which worked on speaking skills & leadership qualities. People get confused because of the chosen name  of this club as it symbolizes of some toast formation or making toast for a friend or an acquaintance. In-spite has a complete different meaning, as it was formed in 1930s which makes it sound deliberately old fashioned.

Toastmasters has been a part of IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL- JAIPUR, Rajasthan. Toastmasters club and IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL is going to have their 108th meeting in the upcoming days to work on general ethics of the team. It’s very necessary for each and everyone to work on  their managerial skills. Being in a world of business, the ability to deal with the consumer is the priority of the managers. Preliminary on the spot random topic is proposed in front of the speaker to have a well to do summary.  This removes the hesitation and helps in acquiring the monopoly of the stage.

Toastmasters gives a legitimate approach to the constructive members of the club while building relationships and promotion. They have been working persuasively  in regular reinforcement of learning. This has been adding skills in their resume. Being a toastmaster with the passionate zeal becomes an adventure once an appropriate  attitude is attained.

Toastmaster is a member friendly club and never exceeds the time management as we have observed that meetings take more time than mentioned usually, it never happens here. A proper timing is followed for every meeting of toastmasters club. It has an inexpensive training and professional development program.

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