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Why Ladakh needs more quality tourism rather than quantity?

Why Ladakh needs more quality tourism rather than quantity?

The region of Ladakh is a highly sensitive place, and while it is a much sought-after destination, travellers always need to tread carefully. Speaking regarding this, Jamyang Tsering Namgyal, Member of Parliament, Ladakh, has said that while the region has massive potential for tourism, it needs quality over quantity. Meaning, Ladakh in no point can have unsustainable tourism.

Namgyal was speaking at a webinar organised by PHD Chamber on border tourism.

Ladakh has been one of the foremost destinations in India, more so in the recent years. It is today a massively popular destination for domestic tourists, and has also attracted foreign tourists as well. The Member of Parliament also said that it is important for domestic tourists to explore and be aware of Ladakh’s rural areas. This will help its tourism to further grow, while also helping its locals with livelihood.

The minister also emphasised on the importance of winter tourism in Ladakh, as it has the potential to attract domestic tourists. Ladakh is in fact going to organise a winter festival that will last for a month. The festival will be called Winter Sports Festival, and it will begin in February, 2022.

Ladakh's Secretary, Tourism, and Culture, K Mehboob Ali Khan spoke about the things to do and see in Ladakh. He mentioned regarding its rich heritage sites, its flora and fauna, and also religious sites. Ladakh in fact has quite a few destinations that are yet to be discovered for tourism.

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