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Why is an MBA from IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL Jaipur Unbeatable?

Why is an MBA from IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL Jaipur Unbeatable?

What are the qualities that make a business college great? IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL, Jaipur is asked that question many times, as students consider applying to our various top-ranked programs, as employers search for talent needed to run their firms and as the media survey to determine which the “best” B-school is.

The five qualities that we believe make IPS a great B-School are:

  1. A well-defined mission that enables professors to develop future leaders;
  2. Program breadth;
  3. Faculty research quality and impact on Merit Holders of RTU, Kota;
  4. Uniquely talented students; and finally
  5. Unparalleled Industry immersion program and Best Placements
    1. A Well Defined Mission
      The mission defines the parameters regarding how we operate. IPS’s mission is to advance knowledge and transform lives. To achieve this mission, IPS builds on three core, interwoven values of quality, inclusion, and connectivity as critical requirements for creating a vibrant, intellectual community. We at IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL implement these values by aligning our assets so that they enhance and reinforce one another and look to organically build connections so that each part of our institution can synergistically enhance and benefit from the others.
    2. Program Breadth
      IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL offers courses in all major business disciplines including (but not limited to!) Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Advanced Excel, Python, SPSS, SAAS, Tableau and others. IPS offers the breadth of academic topics required for an outstanding business education. With six departments teaching at the MBA level, we offer a complete academic package that appeals to every applicant. Our many highly-ranked programs are recognized nationwide across a variety of subject areas. IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL full-time MBA is #1 in India for current job satisfaction of MBA graduates.
    3. Faculty Research Quality and Impact on Merit List of RTU
      IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL leads in research collaboration and dissemination. An instance of this supreme fact is that Faculty Members of IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL have authored Five prescribed MBA subject books of Rajasthan Technical University, Kota. The result of this top-notch academicians reflect in results in the form of RTU Merit Holders for four years in succession –Yes the RTU Merit Holders List continuously has IPSians – including the coveted Gold Medal! (Rank Number One)
    4. Uniquely Talented Students
      A great college is a vehicle to prepare students to be contributing members of their communities, train them for their careers, and prepare them for a lifetime of learning. The common theme IPS hears about our students is that they know how to get the work done. They have an amazing work ethic. They excel in teams and know how to be skillful partners. And they value differences. The inclusive nature of their education unleashes the creative power of diverse viewpoints and backgrounds.
    5. Unparalleled Industry immersion program and Best Placements
      And finally, a great business college partners with industry at all levels. IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL partners with many industries and firms in research, internship, and teaching. The college is proud that our students take their place in businesses across the country right from First Semester – owing to the unique IPS Industry Immersion Program which ascertains 2 years of Real-time Work Experience along with 2 years of MBA. IPSians are practically exposed in many areas, such as sales and marketing, HR, supply chain management, operations, etc. along with their MBA program. As a result companies think of IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL first when recruiting for the talent needed to move their businesses forward.

Therefore Best Placements are natural in IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL. One Hundred Percent TRUE Placements Every Year!

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