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Training & Development

Training & Development
“Training is a profit center not an expense”
Training is a process of learning under the supervision of an experienced and conversant person, training has its own perpetual benefits, in a common context it is a bit difficult to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) in training procedure which gradually led people take it as an expense. Though, it is wide of the mark concept, in fact training is the initial pace of development.
Benefits of training: –
Training advances productivity, it generates the skill to develop customer satisfaction, training increases sales, it encourages self-growth.  Training surges capacity to uphold new technologies and techniques, it improves efficiencies in processes resulting in financial gain.
Colleges practice summer training’s, internships, ON JOB TRAINING, to clasp student’s growth and development. Training helps them in eradicating glitches to prove themselves as a worthy manager.
Students pass out from the top most colleges of business management as well face complications while coping up with work texture in organizations, keeping this in mind IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL-JAIPUR brought the venture to train applicants via OJT.
Development: –
Development is a chronological change in an event in amid a span of time. Development in a student’s postulate bring changes intellectually and physically. In a management institute plenty of operations is practiced over every individual to give the best possible guidance.
Measures of development: –
Anticipating the variables and acting accordingly is the measure step taken to accomplish the pros and cons of business. Students are made aware of the outcomes most likely they are supposed to face in the near future while moving forward in their career.
IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL- JAIPUR promotes development in the following ways: –
  • A well dignified mentor assigned for every particular group of students.
  • Engendering leadership skills.
  • Friendly with questionnaires.
  • Updated knowledge.
  • Empowering decision making.
  • Emphasis on communication skills.
  • Direct contact with the business representatives.
  • Practical knowledge through OJT.
  • Foreign online courses.
  • Arranges participation in international management fests.

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