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Top 4 Skills Every MBA Student Should Learn in 2021

Top 4 Skills Every MBA Student Should Learn in 2021

The business landscape is evolving continuously. The ‘New Normal’ working process is witnessing innovation based disruptions every day, right from design, to supply chains – the processes have transformed. With the advent of the current culture of remote working and dependence on data analytics, it becomes imperative for business management students to inculcate a working knowledge of the emerging skills and tools which will play a pivotal role in crafting professional success.

Here we are introducing you to the Top Must-Have Skills for Every MBA student to shape their career trajectory in the Year 2021 and beyond.

  • Data Analysis

    • The mantra ruling the business world today is “Data is the new oil.” Industries which are booming, proudly attributes data as the reason behind their exponential growth. Therefore, one of the top skills for management students is to be able to command proficiency in analytical tools like R, SPSS, Tableau, etc.

    • Managers are expected to work on large datasets for various functions like sales forecasting, understanding market patterns, predicting consumer demand, future trends and stock ordering. So, MBA students need to be fluent with the use of these tools in order to differentiate themselves from the rest, adding value to their core competency and employability.

    • The most basic and commonly used tool for data management in MS Excel. Owing to its popularity, excelling in Excel is a must these days. Excel isn’t just very widespread in its usage, but it is also logical to implement. You don’t need to memorize any formulas; just build logic on the data you are researching.

    • At IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL, we ensure that our students turn into Experts in Data Analytics through comprehensive training, individual mentoring and various live projects and practical assignments – all under the able guidance of professional Data Scientists.

  • Presentation and Design:

    • You will appreciate the fact that effective and efficient presentations play a critical role in the corporate world as it is the preferred medium of official communication between a client and a business or an employee and his management.

    • The requirement is to portray an ability to deliver presentations on business objectives, strategies, solutions to bottlenecks along-with the methodology, introducing the products and services to the clientele - in a concise, neat, aesthetic, and informative manner.

    • Moving forward, companies will also look forward to associate with an aesthetic and creative mind who can optimize the effectiveness of social media handles to connect with its consumers. So an MBA student will have to expand his horizon of knowledge in designing tools to effectively communicate with the stakeholders through the Digital Platform.

    • At IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL our MBA students get a good deal of exposure on presentations right from their I Semester class assignments and business case study competitions. They further strengthen their exposure by undergoing systematic training on the art of ppt making and sharpen their skills on various tools like PowerPoint, Canva, Prezi, Haiku Deck, etc.

    • This is in addition to a detailed, step-by-step and hands-on training in Digital Marketing conducted by Experienced Professionals right from I Semester onwards, along with various certifications including Google.

  • Technical Writing:

    • A Manager is responsible for setting of goals and objectives in a project leading to cross-functional facilitation and cross-divisional team cooperation in a project and communicate the expectations, deliverables, limitations, etc. of one team with the other.

    • They also need to communicate the technical, budgetary, and other specifications of teams to the higher authorities. Therefore, knowledge of every domain’s technical specifications, such as marketing, accounts, IT, etc. is of great importance if you need to draft proper communication documents for each of them.

    • Since all businesses have gone digital in today’s world, so MBA students must be equipped with the knowledge of content creation, content marketing, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to reach their target audience. All this demands professional writing with technical understanding.

    • Thus, technical writing ability is a must-have for all budding managers, as it is a standing stone of effective communication within an organization.

  • Project Management:

    • Managers communicate the information received from top management to the employees. They also create Minutes of the Meeting with the top management, create training and staffing material, make reports on product specifications and terms of service, etc. Managers also create reports on the internal and external process, stakeholder management, competitor analysis, and project documentation.

    • At IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL we treat Project management as a specific branch of management wherein the students are specifically trained for statistical analysis tools, scrum methodology tools, quality control techniques and methodology, risk analysis report generation and communication, scheduling software, etc.

    • Yes, it is extremely relevant for all future managers to grab know-how of all these aspects, and is one of the top skills for MBA students to learn.


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