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MBA in I.T. (Information Technology)

MBA in I.T. (Information Technology)

Best Placement College in Rajasthan

Education along with technology implicates a perfect institution. IPS follows the methodology of Earn while Learn. Though the term IT abbreviates in just two simple words “Information Technology” but it has a vast impact over the globe. Master of Business Administrations trains an individual to manage a firm, organization as well as the country in the best possible way. Hereby “IPS (Institute of Professional Studies) Business School” offers a huge platform for the students interested in MBA with low fee structure. The institute is highly dedicated in generating the core knowledge of inside and outside field. These words are taken into consideration since the very first day of orientation program where the delegates are invited to enlighten the students. The part of experience they share becomes the first pillar of motivation to the concerned students. Then the industrial visits add plenty of excitement among the students. Proceeding further to the classes and ON JOB TRAINING goes on for 2 years with complete fun, passion and last but not at all the least the placements (for more information about the package go for
MBA is a postgraduate degree which splits into 4 semesters within 2 yrs time. Students who have got their undergraduate degree with or without commerce background can apply for this course. The subjects undertaken while competing graduations should be all cleared to attain this course. MBA has three sectors Finance, Human Resource, Marketing/Sales. Students choose their field according to their interest area and IT comes as the main focus while opting MBA IT. There comes no limitations for the IT students to get placed as the whole wide world rely digitally. IPS holds the position of best placement college in Rajasthan as well as the best MBA college in India.

A former student of IPS was once asked ” What made you choose this institute?” His reply was quite simple and fascinating with a few words which was taught to him in IPS – “When you are about to give up, remember why you started.”

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