Life @ IPS


Life has four phases and student life is said to be as the best one. Let us all get aware of all interesting fact about IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL – JAIPUR. IPS is a family with a plenty of members each connected directly or indirectly to each other. A management college with MBA/BBA merged crowd from INDIA as well as outside INDIA. Management is all about learning, exploring, enhancing, discipline, coordinating and many more. Here we explore each aspect of life, the mixture of different culture, religion, nation & last but the most concerned “KNOWLEDGE.”

IPS is a part of Rajasthan or we could say a legacy of INDIA. This is no common college with just enormous number of students surrounded inside the campus. Each and every member share a bond of togetherness and comfort. It would be unjust if we don’t mention the main priority of this institute which is students welfare and growth. Education along with fun adds ice to the cake. Games, music, events, seminars takes place every now and then. IPS has its own music instruments, sports field, seminar hall and many more.

IPS is antique with its idea of earn while learn. Just 3 and a half an hour time inside the campus and a drastic change is the personality is a rare thing to notice. By the sentence mentioned before the main area of enlightenment is On Job Training(OJT). These training adds monetary benefit to an undergraduate as well as pursuing post graduate students in the best possible circumstances. In the current era of technology and advancement, unemployment is one of the major issues for well qualified students, perhaps the students of IPS wont have to face any such problems even at the prior stage of their career.

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