IPS Experience

Not so long ago, it is the matter of JULY’17, There was a gathering of students for campus visit in IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL – JAIPUR, the management team was working compassionately to sooth muddled students, strongly puzzled for the admissions. I reached the reception counter, inquiring about the admission forms, my voice calm but timid. The lady sitting at the desk was sharp enough to recognise my voice as I already called upon the desk before appearing. She is one of the admin of IPS – Deepa Ma’am. She gave me the inquiry form and asked to wait & kindly be seated as Sudhir Sir was on his way for the counselling of candidates (conveyer of IPS).

Been a while, I was roaming around the campus, infrastructure was good, classrooms were up to date, suddenly my eyes met with a gentleman, he turned out to be the professor of IT. His personality and accent were attractive enough to pound a conversation. Fortunately, we begun to talk about my past education qualifications and honor of interest. I have done my 12th & I was willing to opt BBA as my career focus. I asked him about the facilities being provided in IPS, I was already aware of ON JOB TRAINING and exposures being given to the students, Perhaps, the concept was not much clear. Pankaj Sir gave a wise discretion about how OJT works and how the college is taking care of every individual in the premises. There was a poster hanged beautifully telling about Internet of Things(IoT), exaggerating facts of how far technology has reached. He took a glance at me and said do you have any idea about IoT, I knew the content but partially. The way he explained the whole concept was amendable, I somehow made a perception in my mind, might be this is the hub of knowledge, I should take admission here, Though, I was not completely confident about my thoughts.

Sudhir Sir arrived, all the students were called upon, we headed forward towards the board room. Our counselling session begun, I have a habit of analysing people and Sudhir Sir seemed co-operative, smart and a person with perfect professional attire. He read all the forms thoroughly and asked the same question to everybody “What do you know about IPS?” He received a couple of answers, not too accurate. So, he bothered to explain it on his own, IPS precisely offers BBA and MBA course which is affiliated with Rajasthan University. The college is located in a silent, peaceful area, suitable for transportation. Students are given laptops and SAP training by the college, classes are air-conditioned, Wi-Fi and projectors are the main medium of education. Aspirants need to crack interviews after orientation program to learn working of companies. They may or may not be paid with stipends depending on the strategies of the organisations. The experience is justified at the time of final placements.

I was amazed by the way he expressed every word straight and focused. Thereafter, I came to know IPS also provides EMBA programs by IIMs, interested students can shift their training abroad for higher experience which is also assigned by IPS. There was no other second thought left in my head except for submitting my 12th mark sheet and get enrolled in IPS.

Classes were beginning on 17th Aug and there I was, finally meeting the rest of the faculties, staff members in relief and satisfaction. This journey has still to cover a long route, ups and down. The decision I made held me up.

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