Demand for an MBA from IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL is on the rise due to Covid-19: Here’s why. - - IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL

Demand for an MBA from IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL is on the rise due to Covid-19: Here’s why.

Demand for an MBA from IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL is on the rise due to Covid-19: Here’s why.

IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL has truly come of age and is able to provide a highly intensive learning environment in these difficult times. Here is why the demand for IPS MBA is on the rise due to Covid-19 pandemic.
Thousands of candidates who were planning to do their MBA abroad this year had to look for quality business schools like IPS in India to pursue their MBA.

While there are several psychological reasons for the same- it's important to note the following:

  1. Most of the so-called B-Schools, please be cautioned are still following an outdated MBA curriculum, but true management colleges like IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL, however have stayed ahead of the curve by constantly upgrading its curriculum to stay relevant. IPS has accentuated its programs to include New Technologies, Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, SAP among others in their curriculum making it a STEM infused MBA. These skill sets are driving the job market and IPS is ensuring right upskilling for its students to excel in the new normal business environment.
  2. IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL has also introduced new courses like Organising in Times of Crisis, Crisis Management, Building Resilient Organisations; Risk Management, Leadership during Crisis, Crisis Communication, etc.; which are sensitising its students to the real world of business.
  3. During Covid-19, IPS provided several experiential learning tools online; like virtual simulations, case studies using break out rooms on Zoom, live industry projects, and internships, publishing research papers in academic journals, and student competitions to learn the art and science of management.
  4. IPS could leverage the lockdown by attracting CEOs, Executive Directors and HR Heads from leading corporates to provide live synchronous lectures, for its students. IPS was able to rope in top executives from Shriram Group, Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd., White Hat Jr., Analha, Ummeed and many more.
  5. IPS could provide live internships and on-job-training opportunities to a whopping 87 percent students of its MBA 2020-22 batch. This allowed IPS students to obtain valuable, real-world experience in a career before fully committing to a career path in the ‘new normal’ spectrum. The IPS pedagogy also allows students to learn real-world skills and gain hands-on experience to add to their resume. And the feather in the cap is most of the internships came with six-figure stipend attached to it.

Another important element the strong network of IPS alumni in the industry. Thanks to its continued focus on making the students job-ready and industry sensible, there is positive feedback and this goes around.

To conclude IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL can proudly venture to say, that it has lived by the principles it teaches – by being flexible, agile, and forward-thinking in its delivery and assessment methods, IPS has ensured that each student does not lose out a year and continues to build the necessary skills, knowledge, and aptitude to succeed in business.

As is the mantra today, "if you have to work in India, then study in India." – or can we say IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL

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