215 IPSians participate for Online SIP in a Leading Ed-Tech Company. - - IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL

215 IPSians participate for Online SIP in a Leading Ed-Tech Company.

215 IPSians participate for Online SIP in a Leading Ed-Tech Company.

10 May 2021: A whopping 215 MBA and BBA First Year students of IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL participated for Online Summer Internship Opportunity Floated by a Leading Ed-Tech Company.

Taking an entire internship program online isn't easy. But when COVID-19 forced work & life online, IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL had to quickly adapt their internship programs in accordance to the circumstances.

The grit, determination and passion for student’s value addition under any given circumstance, is the culture of IPS which flows in the institution right from the Promoters to the professional at the very entry level rungs of the hierarchy.

Therefore, IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL today stands peerless among the plethora of Management Institutions scattered across Rajasthan. IPS is perhaps the only B-School which was able to keep its internship programs running when other stood clueless. Though the team was tasked with figuring out everything from selecting companies favouring remote work logistics to programming changes to online community building along with online training sessions; the reward, was the overwhelming response from companies who rose to the occasion and conveyed their readiness to partner with IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL.

This partnership with corporates was also possible largely due to the intensely industry-integrated pedagogy of IPS, which includes project-based comprehensive regular training sessions on Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Power BI, SAP-ERP among others to ensure that IPSians can emphasize on managerial functions along with its principles building their behavioral concepts with a practical and applications oriented thought-process.

IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL has been relentlessly giving truly unforgettable internship opportunities to its students, both personally and professionally. And the resounding participation from our students this Monday, only proves that if an institution is well-meaning and ethical, your students rise up with all enthusiasm – delighting you and motivating you to go that extra mile!

We will be back to report an equally astounding number of selections in our next feed.

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