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IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL, Jaipur – Reinventing Business Education and Ensuring Final Placements

IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL, Jaipur – Reinventing Business Education and Ensuring Final Placements

Campus Placements - HFFC (Home First)

Blended teaching, learning by doing, virtual classrooms, simulation games, and an unique On-Job-Training methodology to ascertain practical business experience. Pedagogy at IPS Jaipur is reinventing itself, with professors experimenting with new ways to train and coach the leaders of tomorrow in a changing and challenging environment.

And the result is very much evident to all eyes – continuous placements – the latest achievement being set by Ms. Priyanka Choudhary (MBA 2019-21 batch) by successfully making it to Home First Finance Co (HFFC), a young Housing Finance Company, which provide loans to the low and middle-income individuals, who want to buy homes. The majority of the customers are the first time buyers with HFFC who find difficulty in dealing with big financial institutions for their home loan requirements.

We know that we are living in a world of constant transformation. The role of research and education at a business school like IPS is to constantly innovate in order to give our students the knowledge, skills and mindset to live and work in a world with opportunities and challenges that may already have shifted by the time they graduate.

Priyanka Choudhary

Priyanka Choudhary
Assistant Manager (CC)

IPS has always been a place that encourages individual innovation among its faculty and students and where it is easy to get an initiative off the ground. In the domain of pedagogy, we need innovation more than ever, both in terms of what we are teaching and how we are teaching.

With the evolution of technology and in the era of social media, business education has undergone many changes. Teaching without technology is nowadays impossible, not only because technology is part of our everyday life, but also because digital tools can really improve learning, if used effectively. For example, utilization of discussion boards in our sessions facilitates collaborative learning, and videos are an effective method of engaging students and supporting their understanding.

Also with an array of Certifications and Comprehensive Training on Data Analytics, IoT, Cloud Computing, Python, SAP-ERP and many others IPS Jaipur is the only B-School which ascertains holistic Techno-Management Development of an aspirant so that his utility can be immediately perceived by the Recruitment Fraternity.

So if you are at IPS BUSNINESS SCHOOL, Jaipur – Only Sky is the Limit!

Many Congratulations once again, to Priyanka, on her career defining achievement!

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